Case Study: Telemanagement

What's Really Involved to Answering the Phone?

Telemanagement is the management of costs, assets, processes and security. Cost management includes call accounting, cost allocation, bill consolidation and bill reconciliation-costs include usage-sensitive network costs (e.g., long distance calls), nonrecurring costs (e.g., installation and repair), and recurring costs (e.g., circuits and maintenance agreements). Asset management includes the cradle-to-grave management of systems (e.g., telephone, voice processing and computer systems), and inside cable and wire systems. Process management includes work order and trouble ticket management, traffic analysis, and network design and optimization. Security management includes the management of toll fraud and network abuse/misuse. Source: Newton's Telecom Dictionary, Miller Freeman, Inc. 1999.

In reference to the above definition, there is a lot to know and handle. Large organizations usually have a dedicated Telecommunications and or MIS staff that handles all of the above. Even with dedicated staff, these organizations sometimes outsource tasks in order to manage these complex systems.

The businesses that depend on these systems just as much but find it hard to justify a full time employee are the small and mid-sized companies. These systems are absolutely critical to their business' functionality. The problem is who is responsible for "Telemanagement?"

This is precisely where CTI's value comes into play. We have many clients who call upon us to address not just Local and Long Distance issues. Many of our clients call us when they have trouble with their telephone system. We aid in sizing up the situation and make recommendations on how to resolve in the quickest and most cost efficient manner. Furthermore, we even go to the extent of placing service calls on our client's behalf. We sit on hold and speak telephony with the Customer Service Centers and then keep you informed for status and authorization. Another example is simply auditing a company's telephone bills and determining whether or not the company is on the proper calling plans. In addition, we often help in the analysis of system upgrades. Our goal is to become intimate with your business so that we understand what you are trying to accomplish and aid in "Telemanagement" for many years to come.