Case Study: Moving

Questions Your Company Should Address Before Moving Offices

Moving for an individual can be a very frustrating and stressful experience. Moving for a company is an unbearably monstrous task boarder lining a nervous breakdown. Whether relocating across town, into a new building or even into a different suite, managers have a plethora of issues to contend with. Imagine the chaos involved in coordinating the transportation of supplies and equipment, customers and vendors, administration and billing. Compounding these issues, consider migrating your telephone, data and Internet services, ideally without any down time. To address this issue, the following questions should be answered before moving.

Local Exchange Carrier (Pacific Bell, GTE, etc.)

  • Who will be your long distance carrier?
  • Do you want Centrex or regular Business lines?
  • What is your Federal Tax ID number or Social Security number?
  • Where do you want the lines dropped off? At the minimum point of entry or in your phone closet.
  • How many lines? How many on rotary or standing alone.
  • What is your new address?
  • When do you need the new lines up and running?
  • When do you want the old service disconnected?
  • Do you need a referral put on the old lines?
  • Do you want to remote call forward any numbers to the new location?
  • Do you need any special features put on the lines?
  • If any, what is your 411 listing?
  • Ground Start or Loop start lines?
  • Are you able to keep your phone numbers?

Long Distance

  • What is your Federal Tax ID number or your Social Security number?
  • Credit Information? Usually a Bank reference.
  • List of all of your new telephone numbers, 800 numbers and Calling Card numbers.
  • Do you need any special features?
  • Do you currently use Dialers? Will you need them at the new location?
  • On which line does your toll free number ring in?
  • Do you want your toll free number open to? Canada, USVI, HI, Alaska

Telephone Vendor

  • Ground Start or Loop start Lines?
  • What is your Federal Tax ID number and your Social security number?
  • Credit Information? Usually a Bank reference.
  • What kind of phone system do you have? Model, level of software.
  • Do you have Voice mail?
  • Will the programming remain the same or will new programming have to be done for new location?
  • Will the lines be at the MPOE or Telephone Closet?
  • Cabling: Voice, Data, Fax, Modem — Cable type & Jack type