frequently asked questions (faq's)

1. who is complete telecommunications, inc. (cti)?

cti is an independent consultant and broker for voice and data products and services.

2. what services can cti provide for your company?

cti can fulfill all of your company's telecommunications needs for the following services:

  • cable & wiring
  • data center services
  • telephone & voice mail systems
  • equipment relocation & upgrades
  • in-bound & outbound voice services
  • atm, frame relay & private line services
  • internet access services (dsl, t1, ds3 & ocx)

3. how can your company benefit from cti services?

cti will help assure that your company:

  • maintains business continuity
  • reduces current communications costs
  • relieves frustration with existing service provider

4. when can your company benefit from cti services?

your company can benefit from cti services when:

  • moving or relocating offices
  • changing existing services or equipment upgrades
  • expanding or downsizing work force
  • no department or personnel dedicated to address it needs

5. why should your company use cti?

your company should use cti because cti has:

  • over 45 years of telecommunications experience
  • strategic partnerships with service providers
  • long term retention of customer satisfaction
  • cti is a one stop shop for all of your company's telecommunications needs with strategic partnerships and years of experience

the mission of cti is to save our clients
time, effort and money.

—vincent m. cordero
president & ceo, cti